Few good, many fail: dishwashing liquid at Stiftung Warentest & ÖKO-TEST

Stiftung Warentest

The test of 2022

For the 06/2022 issue, Stiftung Warentest tested classic detergents and detergent concentrates. The result: Compared to the concentrates, the classic remedy can hardly keep up. The grade “satisfactory” is awarded three times to classic washing-up liquid. All other detergents only get a “sufficient”. A product, the Edeka Gut & Billig Classic with a fresh apple scent, fails with the rating “poor”.

The winners include:

  • prilKraft Gel Ultra Plus 5+ – Grade 1.5
  • Aldi Alio Ultra Classic 5 in 1 – Score 1.8
  • dm Denkmit Ultra Multi-Power 5 – Grade 1.9
  • Lidl W5 Ultra Power – Grade 1.9
  • penny Blik Power Concentrate 5 in 1 Ocean – Grade 2.0
  • rewe Yes Ultra Power 5 in 1 – Grade 2.0
  • Edeka Good & Cheap Ultra Concentrate – Grade 2.2
  • fairyUltra Plus Concentrate Original – Grade 2.2
  • Net brand discount Priva Ultra Power – Grade 2.2

The test of 2018

In September 2018, Stiftung Warentest tested a total of 26 different detergent brands, including organic products. The testers are disappointed with the majority of the products. The ingredients cause heads to shake – especially because of the critical methylisothiazolinone*. But the testers are not only critical of the ingredients, the cleaning performance of many tested detergents is also poor. Organic products, in particular, score “inadequate”.

Losers include:

  • Ecover hand washing-up liquid
  • frog hand wash lotion
  • frog detergent

The winner of the washing-up liquid test is a branded product: das pril Power Gel Ultra Plus.


Only one grade “good”, seven products fail, according to the test result of the magazine ÖKO-TEST (issue 06/2018). The experts put 21 washing-up liquids through their paces. The result is not rosy here either: the majority received the mediocre grade “satisfactory” or “sufficient”. Seven detergents failed due to critical ingredients, including a Palmolive** product and the Fit Original Highest Rinsing Power.

The only detergent that can convince is the Fairy Ultra Plus concentrate Villarriba Edition Original.

*A notice: According to Stiftung Warentest, many manufacturers now only have small or no amounts of methylisothiazolinone in their detergents.

**A notice: According to the manufacturer, the Palmolive washing-up liquid no longer contains the ingredients in question.

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