Fallout 76 will host content created by the developers of the console version of Rust

At its official launch, Fallout 76 was unfortunately not unanimous among players and the specialized press. However, the developers at Bethesda have not abandoned the game and have not said their last word. Indeed, they regularly develop new content to enhance the software: after having unveiled their roadmap for 2022 in February, we learned that Bethesda intends to follow Fallout 76 for another three, even five years.

Moreover, the studio behind the port of the survival game Ruston console, is currently working with Bethesda on Fallout 76. Recently, the developers at Double Eleven announced, on their websitewhich they developed from new challenges for the latest Fallout installment. While we don’t yet know the exact nature of this new content, they categorize it as ” exciting “, on their side.

Double Eleven CEO Lee Hutchinson spoke about the collaboration. He stated : “ The team we put together to work on Fallout 76 is so passionate about the series, working with Bethesda is a dream come true. “.

For the moment, the arrival date of this new content, developed by Double Eleven, has not been revealed. But we’ll be sure to keep you posted on this when more information becomes available.

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