Elden Ring: We spoke to the person responsible for discovering that the game’s lyrics are not in Latin

Antonius Tertius has done arduous research on the subject

In June we published a discovery here that revealed that the songs sung in Elden Ring were not in Latin. The discovery gained prominence among the gaming community and discussions on the subject intensified. We spoke with the person responsible for the find, Antonio Augusto Alves Freitas, who is Brazilian and graduated in Italian Language Arts from the University of São Paulo (USP) and is a student of Latin.

In your YouTube channel called Antonius Tertius, he reveals, in detail, the process that led him to discover that the lyrics of the Elden Ring songs, for the most part, are not sung in Latin. One exception so far, however, is the “Song of Lament” (Song of Lament)sung by a creature/bat.

In this song, Antonio realizes that the use of language and the pronunciation of some words, at a given moment, are not done correctly for the sake of musicality. The lyrics of this song, even with the tweaks, reveal some of the game’s lore, especially the creature itself. As he shows in his video, the song was sung by a Hungarian singer named Csádi Nóra.

However, when analyzing the malenia theme, one of the game’s bosses, Antonius came to the conclusion that it wasn’t really Latin. He says in the video that “99% of people don’t know Latin or Greek, so it’s easy to create an illusion of an ancient choral song.”

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The lyrics of this song, as mentioned in the June post, are words created by a computer program in a way that fits the lyrical singing. The information was confirmed by a member of the music department of Elden Ring, that Antonio did not disclose the name to protect his identity.

Antonius Tertius also analyzed the lyrics of the theme tracks of the bosses rykard, Mohg, Godskin Apostles (Godskin Apostles), Godfreyand placidusaxall sung by a Hungarian choir hired by FromSoftware, and none of them reveal anything with real meaning, as in Song of Lament, for example.

“I found that there were more Latin lyrics in the game, but the music producer responsible for them was given a direct order and had to change them to become pseudo-Latin. The lyrics of the Radagon bosses and the Pristine Beast are an example”, explains Antonio.

He has in his hands the lyrics of the bosses mentioned by him, which were actually in Latin originally, but ended up undergoing changes, confirmed by the responsible producer. With this, there is no possibility of doing any translation, since the lyrics are distorted.

“Anyway, the vast majority of the lyrics in the game were never in Latin and were generated in vowel sample programs. The lyrics that were in Latin and the lyrics that are in Latin are from tracks composed by Tsukasa Saitoh, and as you can see , he composed very few songs for Elden Ring,” he says.

Antonio was even banned from a forum for exposing his findings

Antonius explains that there are channels that invent translations for the lyrics of Elden Ring songs, causing misinformation. One of them, Daniel Olmos, gained recognition for its supposed translations of the game’s songs. A few days after his videos were published, Antonio unmasked them and the person in charge of the channel changed the titles and descriptions of his videos.

“I know Latin and I noticed numerous errors in his ‘translations’, besides the lyrics are not in Latin.
Olmos invents texts with stories (lore) in English and translates them into Latin full of errors with the help of online tools”, says Antonio. for the matter to be discussed, he was banned.

Antonio has been leading the discussions and publishing the results of his research on other subreddits such as Elden Ring Discussions and FromSoftware, after being banned for exposing deceptive work on r/EldenRing.

I strongly recommend that you check out the channel of Antonius Tertius and watch their videos explaining the lyrics of the Elden Ring bosses songs. Despite narrating the videos in English, they all have Portuguese subtitles.

He’s currently working on a new video that will reveal the (beautiful, it’s worth noting) song by Elden Ring’s latest boss, Elden Beast. He doesn’t forget to check out his channel.


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