Elden Ring: The GameBoy demake is available – Elden Ring

Since its official launch at the end of February, FromSoftware’s latest title, Elden Ring, continues to inspire gamers, modders and content creators alike. In this sense, we previously told you about one of them who had recreated the castle from the beginning of the adventure, on Minecraft. In addition, in April, we told you that the creator and Reddit user, Shin, was currently working on a demake version of the software.

In this regard, know that GameBoy demake of Elden Ring is now available and it is possible to play it for free, from your internet browser. Indeed, by visiting the site Shin.itch, you can start this adventure, retrogaming style, created via GB Studio. According to the latest information shared, it is also possible to run this demake via emulators or on the Analogue Pocket.

Via this version of the demake, players will be able to explore several regions, including the beginning region, part of Limgrave and the Castle of Voilorage. Which is rather substantial, you will most likely agree.

Note that you can have a good overview of the progress made during the development of this demake of Elden Ring, via the YouTube channel Shintendo. The creator hopes to be able to add additional content to this version of the software, in the more or less near future, but nothing is less certain.

On the same subject, let us recall that Bloodborne was also the subject of a PlayStation 1 demake by Lilith Walter. The latter is currently developing a Mario kart-like version of Bloodborne. We told you about it in a dedicated article several weeks ago.

As a reminder, Elden Ring was released on February 25 on PS5, PS4, Xbox One, Xbox Series and PC. In addition, be aware that our partner, Instant Gaming, offers you to save some money if you want to get the game:

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