eFootball 2022: Konami releases trailer for season two with Neymar and Ronaldinho

Update v1.1.1 was released yesterday (16) with game improvements and fixes

With the arrival of the second season of eFootball 2022a Konami released a new trailer for the mode dream team of your free-to-play soccer game. Brazilian fans can celebrate as two Brazilian football stars are present in the new video, the ace Neymar of PSG and gives Brazilian Team and Ronaldinho Gaucho , former five-time champion with Brazil in 2002,

The new season of mode dream team in eFootball 2022 was recently released and brought news to the title, but the Konami confirmed that some modes such as “Master League” will only be released to the game in 2023.

The company also launched the game for mobile platforms, but several users are complaining because the eFootball 2022 Mobile is not working on your devices, this happened because the Konami changed the minimum requirements of the new title in the android and iOSnow requiring more advanced requirements and 64-bit processors.

Check out the trailer below dream team in eFootball 2022.

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In addition to the new trailer, Konami released yesterday (16) the v1.1.1 update for eFootball 2022bringing several improvements and corrections to the title, check out all the changes below.

General fixes applied to mitigate or eliminate the errors shown below

  • Player club affiliation may be displayed incorrectly in matches
  • Players who are not in the starting lineup can start the match
  • When Cursor Change Commands are set to “Double Tap and Swipe”, the cursor does not change when double tapping
  • An unavailable setting (Second FT Collector) is usable in the game plan
  • It is not possible to configure the [Funções de jogadores] after replacing some in the game plan during matches
  • When changing the position of the [Acelerar] in classic commands, the settings of the attack and defense buttons also change
  • When using certain camera settings, the image may zoom into areas unrelated to goal celebrations
  • “Body play” and “Pass and run (cross)” are not in the command list
  • After playing the commands tutorial for [Afastando a bola]distorted yellow lines are displayed in the home team area in the other tutorials
  • On screens such as Test Matches and Free Practice, the unaffiliated team emblem is displayed on player icons
  • Players “Auto Pick” function in the game plan does not choose the best players for Tour Event, even with “Event Only” option checked
  • Player bonus is not reflected immediately after using the auto-pick players function to create a game plan that fits the event bonus conditions
  • When video settings are set to High, unusual interference may occur on the stadium roof in pre-match scenes
  • When the video settings are set to High, the shadows from the roof ceiling will flicker
  • In some languages ​​the end of sentences may be displayed incorrectly on certain screens
  • Sound effects may not play at the right time under certain conditions
  • In some languages, paid coins and free coins are spelled differently on the same store page
  • When using certain devices to play games, the end of sentences may not be displayed on the screen
  • When using certain devices to play games, the bottom of dialog messages may not be displayed on the screen

general improvements

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  • Changed menu screen colors, in-game object colors, and replay transition animations
  • Changed match duration for certain modes from 10 to 6 minutes

Did you like the new trailer for eFootball 2022 with Neymar and Ronaldinho? Are you playing the soccer game of Konami? Share in the comments with your opinion!

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