Dune: Spice Wars: Multiplayer is available, with several new features – Dune: Spice Wars

Two months after its arrival on Steam in early access, Dune: Spice Wars welcomes its first major update, with multiplayer. From now on, it is therefore possible to launch a game with several people, whether free-for-all, in cooperation against the AI ​​or other players. Up to four players can join together in an all-out battle for spice and control of Arrakis.

When creating a multiplayer game, you can of course predefine the difficulty parameters (AI level, presence of sandworms, storms, etc.), but also the number of teams and the conditions of victories, as for a normal game. If you want to play with friends, you can invite them during creation.

But this update doesn’t just add multiplayer content, as new things are also coming to Dune: Spice Wars. Let us mention in particular new regions, which of course will have to be controlled, new random events, an overhaul of the skill tree and new illustrations. Some improvements are also made, while some units, especially for the Harkonnen faction, are modified.

Shiro Games further clarifies that other major updates are planned, as well as minor updates, aimed at improving the experience. On the content side, expect to see the arrival of new factions and new units in the coming months. More information will be shared in due course. Dune: Spice Wars is available in early access, on Steam. If you want to get it while saving money, our partner Instant Gaming is offering it to you for the sum of €23 instead of €29.99, i.e. a 23% reduction.

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