Driving report BMW 430 d Cabriolet

BMW 430d convertible
Image: Helge Jepsen

Cabriolets are for the very special moments of driving, we think for the most beautiful ones. BMW has always mastered the art of the open car. And now again.

Dhe Bavarians have long had an open mind, and they cultivate tradition with benevolence. In 1936 they built their first convertible, our own memories don’t go back that far. But it was back to 1989, when a black 320i Cabriolet graced the parking space in front of the rental apartment. Income and vehicle didn’t really go together, but first of all this feeling is somehow there again in view of the price development, and secondly life is simply too short for boring cars.

Holger Apple

Editor in business, responsible for “Technology and Engine”.

BMW has managed the feat of having modernized everything since then, who would expect anything else, and to have kept the familiar. The lightness of being in an open car recommended for everyone to decelerate and enjoy is immediately there, immediately there again. Two comfortable seats in the front, two useful ones in the back, a properly usable trunk, driving characteristics from the calm of the force, carefree operation – it is a heavenly homeland under the evening sun of the reddish shimmering horizon, may the journey there never end. We almost wrote the word suitability for everyday use, but only almost.

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