Dishwasher or hand wash? Where you really save the most money

Basically, washing dishes by hand can save up to 70 percent in energy, detergent and overall costs, with about the same water consumption as using a dishwasher.

This resulted in a comparative calculation from Union of Energy Consumers, in which the cost of a dishwashing cycle with an efficiency class A machine was compared with the cost of a manual wash cycle. Using the dishwasher costs around 50 cents per wash cycle. When washing by hand, it is only 18 cents.

Efficient hand rinsing

With manual rinsing, however, an efficient and economical rinsing method is assumed. The individual habits and requirements of each person, such as the amount of dishes to be cleaned, whether the dishes are washed with or without rinsing and water changes, or the length of the pipework, can significantly increase the consumption values.

For many households it can therefore be cheaper to use the dishwasher – especially if the so-called economy program is used. These programs use up to 10% less energy because they run at a low temperature or without the pre-wash cycle, which can save up to 5 euros a year.

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