Dinkum: How do you increase your friendship level with NPCs?

The players of Dinkum will meet different characters throughout their adventure. Each of them has a very important role. For example, it is by speaking with Fletch that we can unlock licenses. While John offers several items for sale. Moreover, know that it is quite possible increase your level of friendship with them. We explain how to do it below.

Increase friendship level with Dinkum characters

The level of friendship with the characters

On Dinkum, your level of friendship with a character is materialized by hearts, which fill up as you go. In order to know your level of friendship with a particular NPC, you just have to go talk to him. On the screen, above the dialog box and above the character name, you will be able to see said hearts, and therefore your progress (as in the image below). Otherwise, you can also go to your newspaper, select the “Pedia” tab then “People”.

How to earn friendship hearts on Dinkum?

Perform favors for NPCs

For’increase your friendship level with NPCs of Dinkum and thus winning hearts, it is imperative to carry out specific actions. Like on Stardew Valleyto cite only this example, you must imperatively render favors to the charactersand this fairly regularly.

To do this, you will have to go talk to them and ask them if they have a job for you. In some cases, they will ask you to bring them this or that item, according to a specific quantity. Other times, they will seek to get rid of an object and offer it to you for sale, against a certain sum. Note that each time, you only have a very short time, the day, to accomplish your goal. Finally, know that you can help them, only once a day, and this every day.

Dinkum - Notice Board

Complete Notice Board Quests

Also, if you have unlocked the Notice Board, you can access the various NPC requests. Indeed, by examining the bulletin board, you will be able to see several quests. Very often, these will ask you to retrieve an object and bring it back to the character, who is the author of this request. For example, on our side, one of them demanded to bring back 22 apples (Apple) to John. By accomplishing the objective, we have increased our level of friendship with said NPC and we have earned Dinks (in-game currency).

Dinkum - Service John
It is by increasing the level of friendship with the characters that you can, among other things, ask them to settle permanently and permanently on your island and thus unlock new buildings.

As a reminder, Dinkum was released in early access in July this year, on PC. The title is available on Steam and should be released later on consoles.

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