Diablo Immortal Delayed in China; game was banned on social networks in the country

Situation could put 70% of NetEase’s revenues at risk

Although it has earned over $24 million in revenue since its launch, Diablo Immortal’s future could be at risk. According to a Reuters report, Blizzard and NetEase were forced to indefinitely delay the release of the game in China after their official accounts would have been banned from the social network Weibo.

The ban from Blizzard accounts would have been motivated by the fact that its pages carried comments criticizing the local government. With the announcement of the postponement of the game, NetEase’s shares had a immediate devaluation of 10% in its value — initially, the title was scheduled to arrive in the country on the 16th of this month.

The delay of Diablo Immortal could also be related to a publication that made reference to the character Winnie the Pooh. While in the West it is associated with Disney animations and children’s stories, in China it is often used as a form of parody with the image of President Xi Ping.

Blizzard says it needs to make optimizations in the game

Blizzard’s official version is that the game had its Chinese release delayed by its “need to make several optimization adjustments. The company says it intends to improve model rendering, support more devices, and make improvements to its network structure and overall experience performance.

Until the moment, the company did not disclose a new date for the game to arrive in the country, nor did it clarify whether the improvements it promised will reach other regions.. Given the timing of the announcement — and the fact that Diablo Immortal had a successful launch in many parts of the world —, It’s hard to believe the official developer version.

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Diablo Immortal brings invisible limiters to the advancement of those who play without buying microtransactions

Diablo Immortal brings invisible limiters to the advancement of those who play without buying microtransactions
The more tasks you complete, the lower your chances of getting rare items

In recent months, China has gone through a hardening process with the games market, prohibiting minors from playing many hours a day and limiting the number of releases. The situation is particularly problematic for the NetEasewhich usually take 70% of their income from the countrywhere the game received more than 15 million previous records.


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Source: kotaku

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