De Tomaso announces a new model for the end of the year

De Tomaso’s comeback began in 2019 with the first P72 prototype. The success was obviously there, and the first deliveries to customers should begin at the beginning of next year. But it will not be the only car from the American manufacturer in the catalog next year. Indeed, De Tomaso has just announced the arrival of a new car.

Her name ? The P900, a mysterious model made with many carbon fiber elements. De Tomaso presented three images as a teaser on Facebook, highlighting the bodywork with typical carbon fiber patterns. We also find a mirror in the shape of shells which are reminiscent of two of the P72, or even the Porsche 911 Speedster Concept.

The line running through the door looks similar to that of the P72, but the aesthetic similarities should end there as the P900 could be even a little more radical in styling and less refined overall, with the emphasis clearly on sportsmanship.

The other images show prominent air intakes, with curved lines that hint at a radically styled model. And who says radical style, also says performance. And obviously, De Tomaso will leave the choice to customers.

Indeed, alongside the three published images, the manufacturer suggested in its publication that three different engines could be available with the hashtags V8, V10 and V12.

The V8, we already know it, since it will be, except surprise, the original Ford V8 which develops the trifle of 700 hp and which already equips the De Tomaso P72. As for the other two engines, their origins are not yet known, but that announces something quite exciting.

Anyway, see you on November 29 to discover the new De Tomaso P900 in full.

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