Cuphead Director Says She Doesn’t Care About Lateness If It Maintains Her Team’s Well-Being

Studio MDHR’s mission is to be different from other studios in the industry

Scheduled to hit stores at the end of the month, Cuphead’s The Delicious Last Course DLC took considerable time in development — especially considering that the base game was released in 2017. According to Maja Moldenhauer, director of the game, this is the result of a internal policy that prioritizes the well-being of employees more than meeting deadlines.

In an interview with IGN, Moldenhauer said he doesn’t care much about having to delay a game, or the time needed to complete a project. She explained that while The Delicious Last Course was announced in 2018 (to arrive in 2019), Studio MDHR did everything to avoid excessive work and to respect the mental health of its employees.

The number one thing, especially during COVID, was keeping everyone happy.”, explained the director to IGN. “This is a video game. Take your time. Mental health needed to be a priority, taking up the space and time needed, especially during the last two years.”, continued Moldenhauer. “We thought, ‘if it takes a little longer for the game to come out, it’s going to take a little longer. Who cares?’”.

Policy was adopted from the experiences of developers

Studio MDHR claims that ifYour policies are the fruit of the past experiences of your developers, who often participated in projects with excessive workloads. Thus, the company decided that it was responsible for at least try to be better than other names in the industry. “If we’re going to risk everything, it’s because this is going to be a company we’re proud of.”, said Moldenhauer.

It’s going to be a company that is all things, an amalgamation of all the things we’ve always wanted. Respect for others, love and support. The things we didn’t get in our previous jobs. Well we did but at the end of the day there was always a limit“, çcontinued the director of Cuphead.

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According to Moldenhauer, the biggest concern with Cuphead: The Delicious Last Course wasn’t necessarily making money, but release a work of art the studio could be proud of. The DLC officially arrives on June 30th with confirmed versions for Xbox one, Nintendo Switch, Playstation 4, Steam and GOG.


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Source: IGN

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