Concept Car Mini Aceman: The game is open

MWith the Mini, BMW has succeeded in doing what has thoroughly failed with Rover. The British brand is alive and well, in seventh place in the German registration ranking for 2022, but only if the actual Mini and the Countryman SUV are added together. In the brand ranking, with almost 20,000 sales, it is only enough for the 16, but you still stay ahead of Tesla, Citroën, Mitsubishi and Volvo.

Mini is attracting attention these days with an electric Mini as a convertible, which unfortunately will probably remain a one-off, and from August 24th the concept car Mini Aceman can be seen at the Cologne computer games fair “Gamescom”. Until August 28, the prototype will then woo the favor of the young public, which, with a length of just 4.05 meters, gives a foretaste of a second SUV model under the 4.30 meter long Countryman. The Aceman has four doors, and there will also be a two-door version. The third Mini is being developed together with the Chinese manufacturer Great Wall, with whom BMW is already working for the next Mini generations.

It goes without saying that the Aceman will drive purely electrically. As it should be for a study, the Aceman is still very playful, especially in the interior, there is only one large round instrument on which all functions are displayed. This is a homage to the original Mini from 1959. A vegan interior is also announced, and leather seats are a thing of the past. But it will certainly be another two years before the Aceman celebrates its premiere as a production model. Front- or all-wheel drive can be assumed, and the power offered should be between 180 and 300 hp (132 to 220 kW). Batteries in the size of around 60 to 80 kWh should enable ranges of around 400 kilometers. The next generation of the classic Mini is expected to be launched towards the end of next year.

The fact that a computer game fair is chosen for a car premiere shows again how relatively insignificant classic car fairs have become in the meantime. Automakers go where they expect their audience to go. In addition to Mini, which also acts as a sponsor, brands such as Porsche, Lego and Puma are also represented in Cologne.

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