Cards for PlayStation Plus are disappearing from stores in different markets

The offer is already very small around here

If you are one of those who always renew your PlayStation Plus subscription through cards with 1, 3 and 12 month plans, know that they are slowly disappearing from the market. If it’s not a coincidence, Sony’s action matches the debut of the new PS Plus format. The cards already they are no longer found in some American and British stores and also here in Brazil.

What you can find on sites that usually sell PS Plus cards here in Brazil are only gift cards with different values. THE cloudfor example, which previously sold subscription cards for Sony’s platform, is now only selling the gift cards from R$30 to R$250.

At Brazilian Amazon it is still possible to find PS Plus cards sold by Sony itself. But if you look for more on the site, you won’t find any other offer besides the PlayStation Plus 3 Months Card. In stores like American, Submarine, Bahia houses (has listed but not available) and Kaboomfor example, PS Plus membership cards can no longer be found.

In addition to Sony itself selling what’s left of subscription cards, you can still find 12-month subscription cards on Free marketone of the few that still offers PS Plus cards.

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Cards for PS Plus are also disappearing in other markets

according to VGC, American stores like Walmart and Amazon no longer have PS Plus cards, but you can still find them at Best Buy and Target. In the UK, Amazon and other big stores there like Smyths and Argos are only selling gift cards at the moment.

THE British PlayStation store it still has the three cards (1, 3 and 12 months), but when you click on any of them, you are redirected to another page about the new PlayStation Plus.

The new PS Plus will have new values ​​with different plans, so instead of releasing new cards, it seems to make more sense to keep the gift cards. The new format, in Brazil, has three plans:

  • PS Plus Essentialwhich is the default and plan that PS Plus subscribers will automatically get
  • PS Plus Extrawhich brings the benefits of Essential and adds nearly 400 PS4 and PS5 titles
  • PS Plus Deluxe It also has a library of PS1, PS2 and PSP games, in addition to having limited tests on several titles.

Check out our article on the subject for details on each plan, as well as available PS4 and PS5 games and emulated classics.


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Via: VGC

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