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Launched on June 22, Season 4 arrived on Activision’s battle royale. Bringing several new features to Call of Duty: Vanguard and Call of Duty: Warzoneit also introduced a new event, named “Mercenaries of Fortune”. Being currently available on Warzone, “Mercenaries of Fortune” asks players to perform certain actions in order to collect cosmetic items.

Without delay, Check out the full list of Mercenaries of Fortune rewards and challenges currently available on Warzone.

Mercenaries of Fortune challenges and rewards

  • Cutthroat : Get 50 kills in Good Fortune.
    • Reward: Legendary “False Prospector” camouflage.
  • Full of aces : Open a Mercenary Chest.
    • Reward: “Armed Tooth Attack” Emblem.
  • road trip : Get 25 kills or assists from a vehicle.
    • Reward: Legendary “Nugget” Lucky Charm.
  • Golden Winner : Win 1 part(s) of Loot in Gold.
    • Reward: Legendary Calling Card “Venomous Wealth”.
  • Preservation of corpses : Get 100 kills in Storage Town on Caldera.
    • Reward: “Death Prospector” camouflage.
  • Full of aces : Collect $100,000 in Good Fortune.
    • Reward: Rare “Venomous Approval” sticker.
  • pocket sand : Dig up 3 piles of buried treasure in Good Fortune.
    • Reward: Epic Lucky Charm “Terrible Misdeeds”.
  • Buying fever : Buy 5 items from the Black Market.
    • Reward: Epic reticle “Scale Shot”.

By completing these 8 challenges within the allotted time, players will automatically get “The Vault” vehicle skin. At any time, you can check your progress, for each of these challenges, in the “Mercenaries of Fortune” sub-menu, by logging into Call of Duty: Warzone.

Warzone - Mercenaries of Fortune - Bonuses
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