Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2: DMZ, the Tarkov-like mode, could arrive in free-to-play in 2023

Call of Duty is one of those licenses that is not immune to rumours. One of them mentioned, a few weeks ago, the arrival of a new mode, which would offer an experience similar to Escape from Tarkov. That is to say mixing PvP and PvE, immersing the players on a map with objectives to fulfill and the need to extract themselves to validate everything and not lose their stuff. For now, the mode is known as DMZ and according to the latest rumors could arrive as a free-to-play standalone in 2023.

Indeed, the highly reputable Ralph explained that according to the latest information he obtained, the mode would finally be scheduled to arrive in 2023 and in free-to-play and without being really attached to Modern Warfare. Internally, this mode is called Project Nexus and teams have been working on it for about four years. Many major changes have taken place, but it looks like this mode is finally close to release. All the studios under the Activision umbrella would have participated, at some point, in its development.

For the moment, this game mode has not yet been formalized, but Activision should soon tell us a little more (possibly in August). For now, the teams are focused on Modern Warfare 2, which should arrive in October. Next will come Warzone 2, at the end of 2022, without a precise release date for the moment. Then it will most likely be the turn of DMZ/Project Nexus to land.

Regarding Modern Warfare 2, remember that pre-orders are already open and that a beta will soon be organized.

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