Bungie sues $7.6 million YouTuber who impersonated one of its employees

The content creator started a series of content takedown requests that affected the entire Destiny community

THE Bungie started this week a lawsuit against a YouTuber in which asks for $7.6 million in damages. According to the company, Nicholas ‘Lord Nazo’ Minor posed as one of its employees and started a series of requests to take down content on Google’s video platform — a process that even affected some of the videos published on the company’s official channel.

An investigation conducted by the developer showed that Minor claimed to be a CSV employeea company hired to handle copyrights for series like Destiny 2. initiated 96 DMCA charges (Digital Millenium Copyright Act) as a form of retaliation against the developer.

Before impersonating a Bungie employee, the YouTuber received two warnings that he would have to remove content protected by the company from his channel. The cases took place in December 2021 and March 2022 and were related to the unauthorized upload of expansions soundtracks The Taken King and The Witch Queen in Destiny.

Bungie accuses YouTuber of spreading misinformation

The developer also claims that Minor was “participating in community discussions of Bungie takedowns, spreading misinformation”. Furthermore, the YouTuber would have opened a dispute with the video systemstating that the content taken down from his personal channel was also part of the series of fraudulent orders.

For the company, Minor’s performance provoked “significant economic and reputational damage”, forcing it to dedicate several resources to helping content producers who have been wrongly harmed. Her $7.6 million claim takes into account estimated damages of $150,000 for each fraudulent claim. made by YouTuber.

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Recently, Bungie has also taken legal action against a website that specializes in selling cheat tools for Destiny 2.. The lawsuit against Elite Boss Tech earned the company a $13.5 million fine and a pledge that the criminals responsible for the cheating will not offer them again in the future.


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Source: PC Gamer

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