Backpacks are real germ spreaders: never make this mistake

But at some point, the small treatment is no longer enough. This is especially true for sports backpacks that come into contact with mud and sweat or for backpacks in which drinks have spilled. The washing machine is usually taboo, because the abrasion really has a negative effect on the material and coating. Detergent residues left behind can also cause problems, including skin irritation.

It is therefore better to completely empty the backpack and put it in the bathtub. Clean there with lukewarm water and pH-neutral soap or shower gel. Small brushes or sponges are also recommended here. Stubborn dirt or sweat marks on the straps can be removed by squeezing them out several times by hand and rinsing them out vigorously with water.

In any case, you should rinse the backpack well with water and then hang it out in the fresh air to dry. To do this, open all pockets and hang the backpack upside down. By the way, the tumble dryer is also taboo for backpacks and don’t even get the idea of ‚Äč‚Äčironing the backpack.

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