Audi sues Nio over ES6 and ES8 names

Between Audi and Nio, the current does not pass. The carmaker with the rings has sued the Chinese electric car maker for alleged trademark infringement. Audi screams loud and clear that the names ES6 and ES8 are too similar to S6 and S8. The Nio ES6 and ES8 are electric crossovers, while the S6 and S8 are the “sporty” versions of the A6 and A8.

As of this writing, Nio only sells its ES8 in Europe in Norway. However, on its website, it clearly states that it plans to launch it in the German market in the fourth quarter of 2022. This should only come after the launch of its ET7 sedan.

Nio ET7



According to the German newspaper Handelsblatt, Nio has already withdrawn the ES6 and ES8 names since Audi’s complaint. Nio would exhibit its ES6 and ES8 crossovers at trade shows without posting names. After Germany, he hopes to tackle other European countries, including Sweden, Denmark and the Netherlands.

For its part, Audi is also developing electric vehicles. It will soon launch the A6 e-tron which will compete with the Nio ET7. It is supposed to debut this year, it should look a lot like the concept presented a few months back. The range will be completed in 2024 by the A6 e-tron Avant, the estate version offering more space in the boot.

Unlike the majority of electric car manufacturers, Nio offers the possibility of replacing the batteries instead of charging them. This operation requires much less time, since it suffices to go to a station to replace the empty battery with a fully charged battery. These stations already exist in China, but they will soon be available in Europe. For it, Nio has signed an agreement with Shell who will be responsible for developing the network of “battery swap” stations in the old continent.

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