Attention, risk of burns: what covers against heat in the car really do

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Heat in the car: Cooling tricks for the summer

Anyone who parks in the sun quickly has to contend with a completely overheated interior. There are many products that are designed to reduce the heating up of parked cars on hot days. The ADAC has tested some of them – and gained amazing insights.

Strong sunlight can quickly lead to temperatures of over 60 degrees in parked cars – actually unbearable. If the fittings and steering wheels are very hot, there is even a risk of burning your skin. It’s good to know how to protect yourself.

The ADAC subjected seven identical vehicles to a heat test – four of which were equipped with different sun protection aids. Also in the race were a vehicle with tinted side and rear windows, a white car and an unprepared car as a reference. The temperature development was recorded for around four hours at noon.

A sun protection film for the outside shows the best effect

There are gadgets to ensure that the vehicle interior does not heat up as much in summer. According to a test by the ADAC, the most effective is a sun protection film.

Photo: ADAC/dpa-tmn

The result: the reference vehicle heated up to 53 degrees inside. A tarpaulin, which can also be found commercially as a semi-garage, had the best effect with an interior temperature of 43 degrees.

A sun protection film applied to the outside reduced the interior temperature to 45 degrees, a film applied to the inside managed 49 degrees and a simple white cloth on the dashboard 50 degrees. The tinted windows were only able to lower the interior temperature by two degrees. But the rear seat heated up less.

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The white paint does nothing for the interior

ADAC clarifies: Does the paint protect against heat?

Photo: Sebastian Kahnert/dpa-Zentralbild/dpa

A comparison between the black and white car showed that although the paint surface on the black car was more than 20 degrees hotter at 65 degrees, the difference in the interior was only five degrees.

Also noticeable: According to ADAC, air and surface temperatures differ significantly – the steering wheel and fittings were up to more than 70 degrees hot in the test. With the four sun protection measures, the temperature was 14 to 26 degrees lower.

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