Argentinian NFT Startup Chosen for Tim Draper’s Accelerator Program: What’s Its Innovative Proposal

HeirloomDAOthe platform that allows companies and users to create and license digital products in the form of NFTs, announced its participation in the startup acceleration program of the Draper University in Silicon Valley.

HeirloomDAO, with a team based mostly in Argentina, was selected to be part of the “Hero Training“, an intensive program that takes place from May 23 to June 27 and to which only 5% of the thousands of applicants who apply enter. In addition, Mariano Maisterrena, CEO of HeirloomDAO, is the youngest student in the history of the programwhere he engages with engineers, physicians, and entrepreneurial professionals from around the world.

“The Hero Training consists of a period of 5 weeks living on the university campus, in San Mateo. The program is applied with a project, existing idea or startup, as is the case with our HeirloomDAO platform,” he said. Mariano Maisterrena. And he added: “During the 5 weeks, the group, of around 50 students, has the active participation of the founder of the university and the program, the renowned investor Tim Draper“.

Mariano Maisterrena, CEO of HeirloomDAO.

What is Tim Draper’s “Hero Training” like?

During the Hero Training, the students receive talks, classes and workshops in which the student molds and acquires all the necessary skills to start and maintain a company. All this, under the guidance of successful professionals who coordinate and are part of the program. Some of the speakers who were at Draper University included Elon Musk, Aaron Levie, Tony Hsieh and Ali Moiz.

“I arrived with the expectations of being able to take classes with the greatest exponents of each area, rub shoulders with students from different countries who are going through a similar process in terms of their projects and, obviously, learn from everything that the experience entails. Also, being able to improve our project and strengthen the contact with investoryes,” said Mariano Maisterrena.

Investing classes, coaching, learning to put together a successful presentation, negotiations, media, are part of the training that the student has on a day-to-day basis.. In addition, during the sessions in which the students present their projects, investors attend to evaluate the ideas and, in the best of cases, support one of them”, explained Mariano Maisterrena.

HeirloomDAO’s CEO noted that “it’s clearly not a traditional university project. For example, one of the weeks, ‘Survival Week,’ the group spends five full days in the California mountains, primitive camping and working as a team.” to be able to survive with the few resources that are provided. You learn to manage stress, to make decisions under pressure, to distribute tasks and other skills that are not usually taught in a university class”.

And he concluded: “The culture in Silicon Valley is very open for business and the Bay Area is very prepared for entrepreneurs, there is a collaborative environment. All of this gives HeirloomDAO the possibility of strengthening its network of professional corporate contacts, which are of great help to a growing startup.”

Tim Draper speaks to students during Hero Training.

Tim Draper speaks to entrepreneurial students during Hero Training.

HeirloomDAO: Your Proposal to Change Software Distribution

HeirloomDAO ( is a platform that provides users and companies with the opportunity to create and purchase subscriptions for digital products and services in the form of NFT’s (Non-Fungible Tokens). Customers only need to store these tokens in their wallets to access various software solutions, such as editing or other programs, and digital services.

HeirloomDAO proposes a new paradigm for the distribution and acquisition of digital licenses, with the intention of giving users more freedom. Traditional software licenses are non-transferable and hard-wired into a customer’s personal account. With NFT licenses, users have full ownership rights to the products they purchase, enabling them to sell them on a secondary market at any time.

Likewise, HeirloomDAO offers companies and startups an easy way to integrate into the blockchain ecosystem to generate their NFT licenses.

Draper University and the Hero Training Program

Draper Universitylocated in Silicon Valley, California, was founded by Tim Draper, a renowned venture capital investor, in 2012. It moves away from classic teaching models to focus on pedagogical philosophies that allow graduates to define their own leadership trajectories .

The Hero Training from Draper University is a intensive entrepreneurship program and immersive that takes place over five weeks. While on campus in San Mateo, participants develop essential skills to launch and sustain a successful business, gain exposure to industry experts, and connect with like-minded entrepreneurs who share a vision of changing the world with innovative propositions.

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