AMD wants to improve AI and HPC energy efficiency by 30 times by 2025

In a press release, the company showed its plans to reach the goal

This Wednesday, September 29, the AMD announced its goal of increasing by 30 times the energy efficiency of its CPUs EPYC (for servers) and accelerators of the Instinct line (GPUs), both aimed at training Artificial Intelligence and High Performance Computing (HPC). The manufacturer plans to reach this mark in the first half of 2025.

the own AMD recognizes that its goal is ambitious, noting that to reach this level of energy efficiency it would be necessary to develop its technology at a speed 2.5 times faster than the competition has done in the last 5 years.

Those hardwares used in HPC they are the most advanced technology in computing and among their applications are: large-scale simulations on supercomputers and scientific research. As an example, the Petrobras supercomputer that we reported recently. Of course, they are also used to train the neural networks of artificial intelligences. But as Uncle Ben said, with great powers comes great energy consumption. THE AMD states that, by hitting its target, billions of kilowatt-hours of electricity will be saved in 2025, reducing by 97% the energy expenditure needed for hardwares perform a calculation. The goal also meets the sustainability projects of the AMD.

Source: Disclosure/AMD

AMD grows in the business segment

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Recently, a report from the Omdia, one of several technology market analyst firms, published that the AMD reached 16% presence in the segment of CPUs for servers, a record for the company. In 2017 the red side of the force launched the EPYC processors for servers, HPC and other business uses. THE Netflix announced on the 21st that it will adopt the EPYC on their servers, abandoning the Intel CPUs.

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