Already next week: Another Netflix competitor will be launched in Germany

The streaming service will offer 700 different formats with 12,000 episodes and should in the long term offer Joyn outshine. In addition to exclusive formats and originals revolving around lifestyle, living and eating, true crime, the paranormal, adventure, science, technology and the environment, the offer also includes top live sports and a large number of high-quality documentaries. The TV stations DMAX, TLC, HGTV and Tele5 will be streamed live, Eurosport1, Eurosport2 and other content will be provided intermittently. Four subscriptions can be selected at the same time. In the United States of America, this supply has turned out to be very profitable. With just a few in-house productions, you can reach 20 million paying customers.
While Daniela Katzenberger at RTTWO looking for a new domicile in Germany, the cat has already found it at discovery+. “Katzenberger @Work – liquid manure instead of glamour” is a new interpretation of “The Simple Life”. Daniela has to run a farm with her husband Lucas. “It really was the experience of my life, I’ve rarely sweated and stank so badly 🙂 I owe the fact that I work on the farm and don’t just run off with the tractor right away with the tractor. I have farmer Peter and his family to thank. I never thought that a man would kill me milking cows, plucking chickens, driving liquid manure onto the field and getting up at 5 a.m.,” says Daniela Katzenberger, looking back on her country life challenge.

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