AirPods – nobody knows these secret features

Place the iPhone in the room and listen to everything that is said via the AirPods: The “Live Monitoring” function was actually developed for the hearing impaired, so that they can better understand the speaker in meetings or lectures, for example. Some users have misused the feature as a spy helper. If you hide the iPhone in the room, you can leave it thanks to Bluetooth without cutting off the connection to the AirPods and listen to everything that is said.

To enable the feature, open the control center on your iPhone, tap the plus button next to the ear icon, and go back to save changes. You can then enable the feature from Control Center.

Important: It is illegal to covertly eavesdrop on conversations between colleagues, friends and acquaintances. You should therefore rather use the feature for its original purpose, for example in noisy environments such as crowded cafes or lecture halls.

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