After 28 years of abandonment, this Audi Quattro has been sold at auction

Who has never dreamed, at the bend of a path during a walk in the countryside, of coming across an abandoned barn filled with vintage cars? The model that interests us today was found in a box in Scotland and has not moved since 1994, or 28 years.

Like many “classic” models, the Audi Quattro has seen its rating explode in recent years, especially since its 40th anniversary celebrated in 2020. Copies in good condition are now exchanged at gold prices, and budgets a little smaller ones will have to turn to models in less good condition or, as with our protagonist, to be completely restored.

Behind every barn find (or box in this case for this model) there is a little story. The owner of the Audi Quattro died recently and it was his brother who found the car by opening the garage. The latter was not aware that such a treasure was hidden there, a treasure left on the holds and abandoned for almost three decades.

As you can see from the photos and under the thick layer of dust, the car sports a white body color, rims in the same color and a rather discreet, but not original, aerodynamic kit. This Audi Quattro left the factory in 1982 and has the steering wheel on the right. Under the hood, the mythical five-cylinder 200 hp has 150,000 km according to the odometer.

Audi Quattro at auction

The car is perfectly restorable, although it should probably pass through the hands of experts in bodywork and mechanics. There are many traces of rust, there is also corrosion on some parts of the chassis and the engine no longer starts. Only the passenger compartment remains relatively preserved, in particular because the car has spent a good part of its life in a garage.

This Audi Quattro was offered for auction on the site Car & Classic. It was exchanged for 29,350 pounds sterling, or around 34,000 euros.

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