A few meters are often enough: this app knows where you have the best cell phone reception

The network can never be fast enough. But while at home things with a landline connection are still quite manageable, you are exposed to fluctuating mobile phone coverage when you are out and about.

But there is now an easy way to see where which network is fastest. The Ookla speed test app has an overview map available in the versions for Android and iOS that shows the cell phone coverage of various providers.

Mobile coverage map

Handy map with cell phone coverage nearby

Image: CHIP

How fast is the mobile network where you are? You can of course do a benchmark, but the question of how the network coverage is in the area is also interesting. This is useful, for example, when you’re on the go and don’t have 5G reception. A look at the map in the Speedtest app will answer this question.

In the overview, you can see where 5G, LTE or just 2G/3G are available, broken down by provider. Cell phone dead spots are also listed. The whole thing is practical if you are looking for faster mobile communications or if you are considering changing mobile network providers. Just check the places where you often use your cell phone, such as at home or in the office.

The data shown comes from the users of the app who activate location sharing. The accuracy is broken down to individual streets. In some cases you can even see whether you have better mobile phone reception than your neighbors across the street.

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