Teachers: Sitech Federation ratifies the day of protest this Thursday

Sitech Federation ratified this Tuesday the call for a Provincial Protest Day for this Thursday, with mobilizations in each locality, against turn, “so that Governor Jorge Capitanich, who on Sunday said he had received the message from the polls, urgently call for dialogue and provide solutions to the demands of the sector.”

“Clearly the PASO of last September 12 have been a strong wake-up call to the entire ruling caste, and in this sense, the teaching conflict cannot continue to be denied by the Governor, It is necessary to reverse the cruel and repressive policy with which it has treated all teaching, when with absolute arrogance it used discounts as a disciplinary mechanism to break the struggle of an entire sector of workers that claims with justice the payment of the debt 2020 product of the breach of the trigger clause “, they expressed from the union led by Eduardo Mijno.

Along these lines, they stated that “There is no doubt that teaching has been brutally punished in terms of salaries, leading to the majority of education workers being below the poverty line and even destitute and, indeed, it cannot continue to be covered the sun with the finger “.

“The Executive must provide solutions and these must be urgent, but not for a purely electoral interest, but because as Governor of the province must respond to social demands, and teachers, despite the constant lack of action with which they have dealt with us, we are part of this province, an indisputably fundamental part as formators of future generations, “they argued from the Sitech Federation.

“This September 16, the date on which the tragic night of the pencils is commemorated, should invite us to reflect; activate our memory and with the same force that those young students in the midst of the bloodiest of dictatorships chose the path of struggle, resistance and protest; go out we -the teachers- empowered and in democracy to occupy the streets and ask for an urgent call for dialogue and at the same time, already loudly, shout very loudly for each one of these young students Present, now and forever! “, they concluded.

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