Teachers College estimates 90% adherence to the national strike this Wednesday

At 90 percent the board of the College of Teachers adhesion to the national strike carried out by the union, which had massive marches in different cities of the country.

A high attendance had the first march called by the College of Teachers, after the state of exception was lifted in the country due to the pandemic, filling with people several blocks of the journey they made from Plaza Baquedano to Echaurren with Alameda, in Santiago.

The call, which was framed in the national strike of the teaching union, arose as a result of the suppressive veto that the Government presented to part of the teacher ownership project,
mixing with the antecedents that link the president, Sebastián Piñera, with the Pandora Papers, which led the leaders to ask for the president’s removal from office.

The president of the College of Teachers, Carlos Díaz, made a positive assessment of the mobilization day and assured that there was a 90% adherence to the shutdown called for this Wednesday.

From the government, the Minister of Education, Raúl Figueroa, questioned the position adopted by the College of Teachers to paralyze activities, taking into account the situation that the school system has had to face due to the pandemic.

The secretary of state accused the union leaders of acting indifferently towards the students.

The metropolitan president of the College of Teachers, Mario Aguilar indicated that if Congress does not reject the presidential veto they will initiate an indefinite strike in the Metropolitan region.

As for the suppressive veto, it has already been rejected in the Education commission of the Chamber of Deputies and Deputies, and is waiting to be voted on by the chamber, to later go to the Senate.

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