Taxi driver causes collision on Mexican Army boulevard in Gómez Palacio

A taxi driver who crossed the path of a car on the Mexican Army Boulevard to try to return, caused a strong crash resulting in injuries to the taxi driver and his two passengers.

The accident occurred on Friday afternoon on the aforementioned boulevard, at the height of the return of the Trailero Center, through the Rinconada Hamburgo neighborhood, on the lanes from east to west (Torreón to Lerdo).

When he was circulating along the aforementioned boulevard, near the return of the Trailero Center, the taxi driver of the Nissan Tsuru, from Base 25 de Octubre, Salvador Alberto, 47, turned to his left to try to return, but crossed the path of the car Peugeot, which was traveling a little further back, in the same direction and it hit its front part on the side and left rear of the taxi, which was badly damaged by the strong blow.

The taxi passengers, Perla Yazmín, 28, and Gabriela, 46, were injured as well as the taxi driver and were helped by paramedics and taken to a hospital.

The road accident was taken over by the Municipal Transit experts who ordered the removal of the vehicles to the corralón.

Material damage was estimated at 100,000 pesos.

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