Tamse adds 80 groups to take over Ersa lines

The company Municipal Tamse will add 80 new groups to take charge of corridor 8 and five lines of corridor 3 that belong to Ersa.

The purchase of 80 zero kilometer units represents an investment of $ 1,450,580,984 million, which, added to the 525 million destined to the incorporation of 30 buses in June, totals an amount of $ 1975 million.

Tamse adds 80 groups to take over Ersa lines

Last week the state transport company reported the purchase of 50 buses through the reverse electronic auction procedure. That auction was canceled increasing the number of units and totaling the 80 announced today.

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Like the recent incorporation of TAMSE, the brand new fleet will be a Mercedes Benz brand with Marcopolo bodywork and will have the Euro 5 standard, which reduces the nitrous oxide emitted, producing less impact on the environment.

They will also be equipped with ramps for people with disabilities, a low floor, automatic box, security cameras, USB ports and free Wi-Fi.

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