Take action against violence against women

To stop violence against women, we have to talk about it now, and everyone together.

This is particularly what pleaded Marie Nicolas, psychosociologist and worker at the home of assistance and accommodation for women and children victims of domestic violence La Débrouille.

Government authorities and the population must work together to avoid further tragedies, she said.

“We have reached the point of opening waiting lists for our services. It’s questioning and it’s scary, really scary, ”she added.

“Institutions must mobilize to invite citizens to change their perception, change their mobilization and become aware of this reality. On the other hand, if it does not come from an individual and citizen movement, the institutions will not change ”, then expressed the lady.

A group of professors and student associations from Cégep de Rimouski rallied on Thursday for the annual campaign of 12 days of action against violence against women.

The collective wishes to raise awareness among students, but above all to “deconfin” discussions around violence against women.

“We thought it was important to participate and rally to this movement so that, finally, concrete actions are taken at both the political and social levels,” said Noak Bouchard, special education teacher and communications manager at the Cégep teachers’ union. from Rimouski.

“The goal is to provide an educational institution that aims to be an attractive and stimulating pole to denounce this violence in a social aspect, but also to give a voice to the women of Rimouski,” she added.

“What I notice in my classes is that they are very aware of the situation. They like to be talked about. Me too, in my choice of texts, I will bring works written by women or problematic situations experienced more by women, ”said another teacher from the Cégep.

The annual 12 Days of Action Campaign on Violence Against Women takes place between November 25, the International Day for the Elimination of Violence Against Women, and December 6, the National Day of Remembrance and Remembrance. action against violence against women in order to pay tribute to the victims of the Polytechnic, where 14 women lost their lives in 1989.

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