Taco Pozo: Another wildcat was rescued from captivity

Members of the Pinedo Rural Security Department rescued a wild cat that was in captivity, in a house in the town of Taco Pozo.

The rural people went to an address in the mentioned town, where they were cared for by a young man, who stated that he found him on a local road.

For what they gave intervention to the Directorate of Fauna, who ordered that the feline be transferred to the Ecological complex (Zoo) of Sáenz Peña, where they fed and cared for it.


In addition, the Pinedo Rural Security officers managed to delay armed poachers who were carrying a captive wildcat on their motorcycle.

The procedure was carried out at Pasaje Las Carpas, near Taco Pozo, where they stopped the march of a motorcycle, driven by a 29-year-old young man, carrying a homemade 16-gauge shotgun.

While in another operation, in Picada 8, about 25 kilometers from Taco Pozo, they intercepted another 38-year-old person, who was carrying a 20-gauge shotgun with a barrel, and a homemade knife.

In both cases, minutes were drawn up for alleged infringement of Law No. 5629 (Fauna-Park and Ecology). Competent body intervention was given.

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