“Symbolic gift”: Undersecretary of Social Services gave a box of Chokita to Michelle Bachelet

The Undersecretary of Social Services, Andrea Balladares, visited the headquarters of the United Nations (UN), in Geneva, Switzerland, in order to participate in the Committee for the Elimination of Racial Discrimination organized by the international institution.

The authority took advantage of the instance to deliver a particular gift to the former president Michelle bachelet: it was about a box of Chokita, formerly known as Negrita. The meeting between Balladares and the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights revolved around government issues.

We wanted to bring the former president typical sweets from our country, which cannot be bought abroad, and that they miss each other so much when one is outside ”, explained Balladares.

He added that “in the context of our visit to Geneva, La Chokita has a leading role, because with its new name it shows the change that is taking place at the cultural level“.

It should be remembered that during the month of June 2021, Nestlé officially announced that it would change the name of the traditional Chilean candy, Bold font, for that of Chokita.

At that time, the company explained that the name change was due to the fact that “Considered the sensitivities of different social groups in all the countries where the company is present, and concluded that the Negrita brand, born more than 60 years ago in a completely different context, should be replaced “.

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