Sustainable Christmas tree is lit by pedaling at Santos Andrade; see times to participate

Reference in a smart city in Brazil, Curitiba couldn’t fail to have among its attractions in Natal this year a sustainable and innovative experience. On Wednesday night (24/11), Mayor Rafael Greca inaugurated the Ebanx Energy Source Natal at Praça Santos Andrade (Centro), which is part of the free Christmas program in Curitiba – Luz dos Pinhais 2021.

The Ebanx Energy Source Christmas highlights the LED lights on the Christmas tree, which are lit with the clean energy generated by the participants’ pedaling on bicycles fixed in the square. The experience must be booked on the Christmas schedule website.

There are six sessions a day of 30 minutes, from Wednesday to Saturday, from 6:30 pm to 9:30 pm.

“Natal Fonte de Energia Ebanx is in line with the concept of smart city adopted by Curitiba, which in recent years has been using technology strategically to improve infrastructure, optimize urban mobility and create sustainable solutions to further improve the quality of life of our population”, said Greca.

Natal Luz dos Pinhais 2021. In the image Mayor Rafael Greca present in the Ebanx Christmas decoration in front of UFPR’s historic building at Praça Santos Andrade – Curitiba, 11/24/2021. Photo: Daniel Castellano/SMCS

The mayor cited as examples of sustainable solutions already adopted or in the process of being implemented by the city, the installation of 439 solar panels on the roof at Palácio 29 de Março, headquarters of the City Hall; the construction of the future Solar Pyramid with photovoltaic solar energy panels in the former Caximba landfill; the projects for placing photovoltaic plants at the Curitiba bus station and at the Pinheirinho, Santa Cândida and Boqueirão bus terminals; and the new Inter 2, which will have electric buses and points with photovoltaic panels.

Greca also highlighted that encouraging the use of bicycles as an alternative means of transport is part of the Curitiba Cycling Structure Plan. “The goal is to establish a logical cycling structure based on displacements and the availability of the integrated transport network (RIT) promoting as many connections as possible, seeking quality and safety, including structures to support cyclists,” he said.

Present at the event, the president of the Institute for Research and Urban Planning of Curitiba (Ippuc), Luiz Fernando Jamur, said that the Capital’s Cycling Structure Plan foresees by 2025 more than 400 km of cycle paths, double the amount that exists today. “In 2021 alone, around 100km of moped works are being carried out, including bike paths, cycle lanes and shared sidewalks”, he revealed.


Michelle Cerjat, coordinator of the Ebanx community team, highlighted that the attraction of Santos Andrade shows the commitment of fintech from Curitiba to innovation and sustainability. “We created this action with great care, always focusing on sustainability and well-being, issues that are very dear to us,” he said.

For the opening, Ebanx invited some athletes supported by the company to test the attraction. Ronan Cordeiro (paratriathlon), Luara Mandelli (surfing), Anuar Chiah (surfing), Gui Khury (skateboard), Peterson Crisanto (surfing) and Michaela Fregonese (big wave surfing) were present.

“It was really cool to see these athletes pedaling to turn on the Christmas tree light. I tried it myself. It’s worth coming”, said student Nina Pereira, 14, one of the first in the public to cycle after the participation of the invited athletes.

The fun characters CupCakes and the Banda Lyra Curitibana also participated in the inauguration of the attraction.


The Ebanx Energy Source Christmas runs until December 23 and, in addition to the sustainable attraction sponsored by fintech from Curitiba, Praça Santos Andrade is hosting one of the Centro’s Special Christmas Fairs. There are nine stalls of artisans from the capital and region with options for gifts and home items, as well as food for consumption at the time.

The fair at Santos Andrade takes place from Monday to Saturday, from 10:00 am to 8:00 pm, and on Sundays, from 12:00 pm to 6:30 pm.

The inauguration of the attraction was attended by the mayor of Curitiba, councilor Tico Kuzma; councilors Tânia Guerreiro, Alexandre Leprevost, Marcelo Fachinello, Nori Seto and Marcio Barros; the presidents of the Municipal Tourism Institute, Tatiana Turra, of the Cultural Foundation of Curitiba, Ana Cristina de Castro, of the Curitiba Agency for Development and Innovation, Cris Alessi, and of COHAB, José Lupion Neto; the municipal secretaries for the Environment, Marilza Dias, and for Social Communication, Cinthia Genguini; the advisor for Political Articulation of the Mayor’s Office, Lucas Navarro de Souza; the special advisor to the Mayor’s Office, Cibele Dias; and Ebanx community team member Juliana Hasse.

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