Susbielles acknowledged the defeat and said that “the election was absolutely nationalized”

Federico Susbielles, the maximum exponent of the Frente de Todos in the city, acknowledged the defeat of his space in the city, although he assured that “it is the price of taking care of the health of the people of Bahia.” And he was confident in continuing to improve the image for November.

“When you have to govern, you have to do what is best for your people, with decisions that sometimes do not go with the majority. If this is the price to pay for having taken care of the health of the people of Bahia with strong measures, with sanitary protocols, with the care of companies, I think it is well paid, ”said the former candidate for Mayor.

And he added: “When you govern you don’t have to do it based on surveys, I think you have to take this opinion of the people –for the result of the elections– and continue working for the future ”.

“The election was absolutely nationalized, there was no local debate, I think the Mayor today expressed that he would have liked more debate. But I still see that the economy is going to continue recovering, the health strategy advancing, with which we will be better from now until November, ”said the president of the Port Consortium.

In the same way, he pointed out that “a greater debate can also be beneficial as it always has been. We will also continue to listen to the neighbors as always ”.

“I have said in recent weeks that industrial indicators are showing improvements, but the reality is that all these indicators do not reach people’s pockets. It is clearly noticeable, but it will come. For example, with the Cold Zone Law, which has been in force since August 5, this benefit will be seen in a better way over time ”.

“Now we have to take it easy, analyze the numbers and keep working, I am proud of our space,” he said.

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