Supermarkets and grocers support the agreement to reduce the value of the basic basket

In the last hours, representatives of the grocery and supermarket sector expressed their support for the agreement promoted by the national government to “lower the price of the basic basket” with the aim of having less impact on “the average salary”.

The holder of the Federation of Warehouses of the province of Buenos Aires, Fernando Savore, expressed its confidence in the positive effect that the 90-day price agreement reached by the Government, mass consumption companies and supermarket chains, announced yesterday by the Secretary of Internal Commerce, will have on consumers. Roberto Feletti.

For his part, the director of Marolio, Juan Fera, pointed out that the food company will accompany the agreement that stabilizes the prices of 1,247 mass consumer products for 90 days, and anticipated that they will work with the Ministry of Internal Trade to review the value chain to analyze “where the increases come from.”

Feletti said that the objective of the price policy of his management and, in particular of the new agreement with the entrepreneurs, will be “ lower the price of the basic basket “ to reduce its impact on “The average salary”, and “ensure the expansion of consumption via wages in the last quarter of the year”.

In the last hours, The official announced an agreement with the main mass consumption companies and chains of supermarkets to maintain stable prices of 1,247 mass consumer products – which include those of the Care Prices program – for 90 days, until January 7, 2022.

In dialogue with El Uncover Radio, Feletti said today that the weight of the basic basket on salaries had an impact on addressing this policy: “ We saw that the basic food basket represented 9% in December 2019 of the average salary of the registered worker in activity, while in August of this year it was 11% ”.

Due, the official assured that, despite the joint, the workers could not “Recompose their real salary with respect to the basic food basket “.

We told the business community to stop the ball and try not to continue in a scenario in which wages have deteriorated at the expense of food consumption“, He said, and pointed out that the recomposition of said situation will be the” nodal objective of the Ministry of Internal Trade “.

Regarding the reaction of the businessmen, the official indicated that “ in principle it was favorable in both meetings”, And that the Secretariat is waiting for the dispatch of the price lists for today.

I believe that some entrepreneurs must see this as a negative process but if one analyzes the accounts there is no loss of profitability, and if there are any, it can be calmly compensated by quantity as it is an expansive context “added.

In that sense, Fera affirmed that the important thing is “To be able to work together to solve the serious problem that is inflation, and that affects us all”; and attributed the price increases to “multiple factors.”

“In December 2019 we paid a ton of wheat at US $ 165, US $ 170, today it is worth US $ 240”, indicated about the increase in international commodity prices, and added: “I understand that We need to export because we need dollars but they are also products that are consumed here”. At the same time, the businessman, son of the supermarket owner of Maxiconsumo, Victor Fera, considered that it is necessary to “incentivize investment” to “generate great price competition.”

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