Super 20: Regattas lost again and had no chances to qualify

The Corrientes Regatas Club lost the key duel against La Unión de Formosa by 69-75 and was left without possibilities of accessing the next round of the tournament. Neither the return to the José Jorge Contte, nor the return of the public made the “rower” achieve the victory he needed to stay alive.

The Union was strong at the beginning, especially in the defensive zone, allowing the “rower” to take distance shots, in which he had no effectiveness, and denying the route to the basket, while offensively he relied on Tabárez and Maldonado to mark a first quarter from 2 to 11 averaging the quarter. There, Piccato he asked for a timeout to adjust the board, and boy did it work for him, since Regatas shortened the gap from 8 to 11 with three and a half to play. But the people of Formosa responded to the reaction and with the good income of Podestá they escaped 10 to 22 at the end of the period.

The Union managed to escape at 16 (10 to 26), but the “ghost” changed his face with his eternal standard-bearer, Paolo Quinteros, who in the first four minutes and fraction scored 11 points so that regattas return to the game, and then with bombs of Marcón, Arengo and a couple of conversions of Cáffaro the “rower” didn’t just match the story, but came forward 32 to 30 with just over two minutes to go. The U could not regain the same offensive fluidity with the second unit on the court, and the local took good advantage of the opportunity to take an advantage, and go to the longest break 39 to 32.

Back in the game, the Formosans quickly put things even again and in just under four minutes the actions were 43 to 42 for the “rowers”. From then on, the duel remained on that parity trend, reaching the last two minutes equalized at 50. With 36 seconds to go Maldonado He took advantage of two free throws, and then, in the last of the third quarter, he hit a bomb with the help of the crystal so that La Unión returned to the front 52 to 57.

The U continued to attack the weak points of Regatas and found two triples in the hands of Vietta,Cutherson and Ferreyra to escape 56 to 72 in the absence of six and a fraction. From there, the visitor dominated the game at ease and at the mercy, relying on a strong defense and adding the necessary points to keep the distance. Thus, La Unión was left with the victory by 69 to 75.

In this way, Regatas said goodbye to Super 20 since it had no chances of accessing Final 8, while La Unión reaped the victory that allowed it to get the ticket to that instance.

The synthesis:

Regattas (69): Marco Giordano 0, Paolo Quinteros 19, Juan Pablo Arengo 15, Martín Fernández 7 and William Davis II 8 (FI); Skyler Hogan2, Tobías Franchela 7, Agustín Cáffaro 8 (X), Joaquín Marcón 3 and Fabio Gauto 0.

DT: Gabriel Piccato.

The Union (75): Nicolás Ferreyra 3, Jonathan Maldonado 17, Patricio Tabárez 13, Cutherson 16 and Chaz Crawford 6 (FI); Fernando Podestá 9, Fermín Thygessen 6, Lucas Arn 0 and Franco Vietta 5.

DT: Eduardo Japez.

Partial: 10/22, 39/32 (29/10), 52/57 (13/25), 69/75 (17/18).

Judges: Rodrigo Castillo, Silvio Guzmán and Jorge Chávez.

Stadium: José Jorge Contte.

1 San Martin 7 5 2 71,4
2 The Union 8 5 3 62,5
3 Regattas 7 1 6 14,3
4 Communications 7 1 6 14,3
5 OTC 8 1 7 12,5

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