Summer 2022: there will be four direct weekly flights between Córdoba and Mar del Plata

Aerolineas Argentinas announced that for the summer tourist season, it will add 21 weekly flights between Mar del Plata and Buenos Aires and inter-regional trips between that tourist city and Córdoba, Rosario, Mendoza and Tucumán.

In the case of Córdoba, it will be possible to travel to the emblematic city of the Atlantic coast from January 2022 with four weekly frequencies: Tuesdays, Thursdays, Saturdays and Sundays.

In the same sense, there will also be two weekly frequencies from Tucumán, from Mendoza and from Rosario.

This was confirmed this Wednesday by the president of the company, Pablo Ceriani, who pointed out that “there will be three daily frequencies between Mar del Plata and the Autonomous City of Buenos Aires.”

Tweet from Pablo Ceriani

“In recent months, with all the progress made in the vaccination campaign, a sustained and very strong rebound has been achieved in all that is domestic and domestic tourism and thanks to this, in addition to the 21 weekly frequencies with Buenos Aires, we will have we also intertarse Rosario, Córdoba, Mendoza and Tucumán “, detailed Ceriani.

The director of the flag company, announced that the tickets for these sections “are already in the system and all Argentines can access them.”

“In the case of Mar del Plata, we will be reaching 90% of the pre-pandemic passengers in high season. We are betting heavily on this destination, as well as on others in Argentina,” said Ceriani.

In addition, the manager stressed that these sections will reach 80% of the total passengers that the company had before the coronavirus pandemic.

“We are working hard to carry it out in the best possible way, in the clearest way, so that passengers can carry out their travel plans without difficulties,” Ceriani closed.

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