Suburbia Plaza del Sol, the largest in Mexico

Suburbia opened in Plaza del Sol its largest store in all of Mexico, has more than 10 thousand square meters of installation, four exhibition floors, in which the last level stands out, where it has white line, electrical appliances, screens and motorcycles.

The change was made thanks to the company’s deep commitment to offering quality products in a pleasant space. In addition, the opening is part of the celebration number 51 of the founding of Suburbia, the store is located on the premises of Plaza del Sol, the oldest shopping center in the city and an icon of Guadalajara’s commerce. It is located in Zone “E” almost between the interconnection of López Mateos and Mariano Otero avenues.

To announce his arrival on the largest building in Plaza del Sol, a large black canvas covered a message that generated an unknown for all passers-by, which was unveiled on Thursday, October 7 with the opening of the establishment.

At noon the letters were uncovered and the name of Suburbia stood out, which will continue to accompany the people of Guadalajara in special moments. Thus, company executives carried out the traditional ribbon cutting, while the employees made “corridors” to their first clients in the new facilities.

As soon as the consumers entered the first level, aromas and fragrances were perceived in the smell despite the fact that the sensations diminish with the masks, the perfumes of both women and men were at the entrance, there is also the women’s clothing, both casual, formal and youthful, with brands such as Levi’s, Furor, Weekend, Oh Pomp, Contempo, Disney, Marvel and Mossimo; with excellent location of boxes and dressing rooms.

When going up the escalators, customers on the second level find themselves in the men’s and youth section, also wearing casual and formal attire for office or gala dinners, with brands such as Gianfranco Dunna, Yale, Levi’s, Lee, also with excellent accessibility of boxes and dressing rooms.

On the third level, customers can pamper their little ones, since it is the toy area with Funkos, Disney, Marvel, Fisher Price, Hotwheels and Playmobil toys, there you can also find clothing and footwear for children and babies, in addition to maternity clothes.

On the last level there are appliances, electronics, screens, cell phones, sports clothing and shoes, exercise equipment, suitcases and anticipating Christmas with decorations to start sprucing up your home with Christmas details.

The store went from 80 workers to 150, that pay for the economic reactivation after a few months that even shopping centers had to close due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Armando Gutiérrez, store manager, highlighted the growth of the new branch, which is the largest in all of Mexico and that they decided to introduce new products for the needs of all families.

“We have to offer and counter more product that is why we decided to make a Suburbia like you have never seen in this area, and we are offering the best brands, rooms, bedrooms and dining rooms; an extensive line of gardening, things that we do not have in other stores “, he concluded.


10 thousand mts² of store space

4 exhibition floors

150 workers

172 Store has Suburbia in the country


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  • Sun Square
  • Guadalajara

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