Subjects promise payment for the sale of a truck in Lerdo and scam him

Truck seller delivers the unit and never receives the payment deposit, the vehicle theft was registered in the town of La Luz in the municipality of Lerdo.

According to the first reports, it was detailed that the seller of a Renault brand truck, Duster line, in gray, 2013 model, with GDV646-B license plates, made a sale and purchase agreement with two men whom he does not know. , who contacted him by phone.

The buyers and the seller were to meet at the BanCoppel store in the municipality of Lerdo where they showed them that there was the amount of 125 thousand pesos held on a card which is bookstore in 24 hours, so the seller of the unit gave them the truck and accepted the card.

It was hours later that the man went to the bank to withdraw the cash, however the money was no longer in the account so he tried to communicate with the buyers themselves who diverted his direct calls to the mailbox and blocked it from WhatsApp so the The affected person immediately contacted 911 to try to recover his unit.

Agents of the State Police and the Municipal Public Security Directorate responded to the affected person’s call and took his statement, however they made him aware that too much time had passed so he would have to appear before the agent of the Public Ministry of the Vice Prosecutor’s Office to file the corresponding complaint since the man had also delivered the unit with the title and necessary documentation.

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