A 28-year-old man was arrested after self-reported of having stolen species valued at more than one million pesos, after being audited for a different robbery in the city of Los Angeles, in the Bío Bío region.

It was a call to the emergency number 133 that reported on the presence of a person who was traveling on a bicycle with a backpack with stolen species.

Carabineros managed to find the subject and after examining him, the uniformed officers found him inside the bag, a notebook, an epilator and a pair of sneakers, which acknowledged having stolen them.

Nevertheless, the subject confessed to the police that he kept other stolen items in a private home south of the city, which would be reduced at night, so the police went to the place where they found televisions, clothing, perfumes, shoes and other items.

The proceedings made it possible to establish that all of them they were stolen from a private home, whose 35-year-old owner recognized them as her property and that the valued at a million and a half pesos.

The detainee, who registers an address in Santiago and has a police record but nothing pending, was at the disposal of the Public Ministry for robbery in an inhabited place.