Study indicates that supermarket design influences shoppers’ diet

The diet of people is often conditioned by habits and by the time they have to shop or even prepare food, that is why a group of scholars undertook the task of investigating how much eating habits influence arrangement of products in supermarkets.

And it is that, already before it has been said that the design of smaller commercial spaces, such as self-service stores intervene in such a way that the buyer leaves with more products than they thought to buy before entering, which in the end impacts the people’s diet.

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Hence the study published by BioMed Central (BMC) points out that half of users’ purchasing decisions are not thought out, so that the daily diet can be manipulated, to a large extent, by the way things are arranged in supermarkets.

The study was carried out by the Southampton University, in the United Kingdom and can be read in PLoS Medicine where it is explained that the group of scientists in charge of the study carried out pilot tests in which vegetables and fruits were placed in a more prominent place, which led to an increase in these foods in the diet.

The investigation was carried out in six stores in the same supermarket chain and for the study confectionery and junk food were moved out of the cash register areas, instead of pasta and chewing gum, while fruits and vegetables were moved to the front of the store.

Study indicates that supermarket design influences shoppers’ diet PHOTO: PEXELS

For the sample, 150 women between the ages of 18 and 45 With a store loyalty card, this is because these people are the main responsible for acquiring most of the food for the daily diet, so they decide what to buy and what not, in most cases.

Study results

Hence, the results of the study indicate that after three months there was an increase of six thousand more pieces of fruits and vegetables, an amount that increased to 10,000 pieces in six months, this amount of units sold is counted per week, so the rearrangement was quite favorable to improve people’s diet.

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As for confectionery, their sales fell 1,400 units less in three months and up to 1,600 in six months, so that, although people continue to consume these types of products, their placement in other spaces in supermarkets made them less flashy.

Study indicates that the design in supermarkets influences the diet of the buyers PHOTO: FREEPIK

This type of study is not the first, so there is enough data to encourage self-service establishments to change their design to invite people to lead healthier lifestyles, although that would probably mean monetary losses for the establishments.

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