Strong support for the government of Zara, in Patagones

With another forceful accompaniment from the towns of the interior and a reversal of the numbers of the last compulsa in the main city, the list of Together headed by the current president of CD Maragato, Julio Constantino, surpassed by almost 7 points the candidate of the Frente de All, Nicolás García, in the municipality of Patagones.

Together (Julio Costantino) obtained 6,903 votes; the Frente de Todos (Nicolás García), 5,926; Let’s go with you (Daniel Cifuentes), 810; Unión Celeste y Blanco (Fabián Calvo), 644, and the Frente Patriota (Fabián González), 173.

As in other elections, the blank vote marked a fact of the electoral act with 2,441 votes, becoming the virtual third force.

The government of Mayor José Luis Zara received strong support from the electorate, although attendance was 60 percent.

Together they managed to ratify their power in the interior, winning in all the localities, with 2,478 votes against 1,432, of their most immediate persecutor.

“It happened again: the people return to accompany us with a great triumph in the interior, but at the same time in the head of the district, where an excellent choice was made,” said Mayor José Luis Zara.

The communal chief and conductor of the space, thanked each of the militants who, “despite the pandemic and a different context”, committed themselves and walked each of the towns, “to achieve a resounding victory.”

“We must not relax, the general elections in November are still missing, we must read the results well and continue listening to our neighbors, the trend is very good,” he emphasized.

Meanwhile, Julio Costantino was very calm but at the same time very satisfied with the result.

“I feel great emotion, the people of the Patagones party have once again given strong support to the administration of Mayor Zara, who started back in 2015,” he said.

To the overwhelming triumph of the interior, the current president of the CD highlighted the good choice in Carmen de Patagones, “in any case, as the mayor said, nothing has been won yet.”

Jorgelina Castronovo, second-place candidate for councilor, was satisfied with the result and the possibility of being part of it, “every place we went to, people received us with a lot of respect. It is a pleasure to be part of this with two teachers like Julio (Constantino) and José (Zara) ”, he highlighted.

“The neighbors are very happy with the renewal of names on the list and because we go hand in hand with experienced people. I was very nervous until recently, but now I am happy, “she concluded. (Carmen de Patagones Agency).

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