Strong corporate repudiation of Aníbal Fernández for his tweet against Nik

“The Mendocino Business Council wishes to express its rejection of the message, in an intimidating tone, Minister of National Security a I, one of the most talented comedians and cartoonists of Argentina“, begins by saying the letter that was sent to the newsrooms and spaces of WhatsApp of the majority of journalists in the province of Cuyo by the staff of said institution.

“In a republican and democratic country, like ours, it constitutes a fact of abuse of power and an attack on freedom of expression, and marked intolerance towards a citizen who expresses his opinions, “they emphatically affirm.

“The seriousness of the event also resides in the fact that the Minister of National Security used information from a citizen, which should be personal and confidential, to threaten him, intimidate him, which constitutes a clear violation of Human Rights“, assure the industralists.

“The abuse of power is not justifiable and damages democracy. The Minister’s words are a tool of fear that seeks to silence those who wish to express their opinion, far from what our citizens need and demand from their officials.”

“This is why it is necessary that this message from the Minister Anibal Fernandez is duly rectified or clarified by the highest authorities of our country, and measures are adopted that are at the height of the seriousness of the event that occurred “, they conclude.

Nik’s critical tweet and Fernández’s intimidating response that caused widespread repudiation.


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