‘Stranger Things’ fans figure out season 4 premiere date

The fandom of ‘Stranger Things‘ just figured out the season 4 premiere date after carefully studying every easter egg in the promotion of Netflix.

How did they do it? During one of the shots from the latest trailer they released, a phone number can be seen a few seconds longer than other elements in it.

Just like comicbook reportedly, fans called the number and discovered that when they answer the call, birthday music is played on the phone line.

This obviously means a celebration, and if we take into account that the only hard fact that Netflix has revealed around the premiere of the 4th season is “Summer 2022“, that means that we already have two points to unite: the birthday music and the summer of this year in progress.

OK, are you following me? Okay, now let’s go back in time: the first season premiered on July 15, 2016, say that then the July 15 is the official birthday of the series And if calling up the only interactive element in the teaser plays a birthday song, it’s possible that the premiere date is in the summer of 2022, right on the series’ birthday.

Do you get it? It’s all a theory but it sounds very logical. It is possible that we are facing an important discovery by the fans.

And you, what do you think?

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