STEP effect: the blue dollar fell and country risk fell in Argentina

The primary elections made noise in the international markets and Argentina’s position in the world was somewhat modified.

This Monday, first thing in the morning, the news was confirmed that the shares of Argentine companies rose as much as 20% on Wall Street. Among these companies, Banco Supervielle stood out with an increase of 13.8%, Grupo Financiero Galicia with 15.6%, Pampa Energía with 12.3% and Banco Macro with 11%, among others.

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However, these were not the only news at the international level for Argentina. On the day after STEP, the blue dollar fell $ 3.50.

This was confirmed Financial sphere thanks to a survey carried out in several caves in the City of Buenos Aires. It represents the steepest drop since late April.

Last Thursday it had hit its record of $ 187.50 and then fell three days in a row, as a result of the upcoming elections.

In turn, as a result of the rise in Argentine bonds, both in the local and international stock markets, Country Risk reached the lowest level in three months. So it was the Argentine index it fell 4.2% to 1,474 points.

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