STEP: began the distribution operation of more than 100,000 ballot boxes throughout the country

The deployment of more than 100,000 ballot boxes throughout the country began this Saturday, by the Official Post Office of the Argentine Republic, within the framework of the open, simultaneous and mandatory primaries (PASO) that will take place tomorrow Sunday in Argentina.

This is a total of 101,457 ballot boxes throughout the national territory, which will be distributed along with the rest of the electoral material and the necessary sanitary kits so that more than 34 million Argentines can participate tomorrow, between 8 and 18, of the day elective.

Last night, in the city of Buenos Aires, the electoral judge María Servini – accompanied by members of the electoral board – enabled the transfer of the ballot boxes and began the loading process in the trucks of Correo Argentino to begin with the deployment to the different voting points.

The Argentine Mail reported that the electoral system will have 63 thousand workers and 14,070 vehicles that will facilitate the transfer of ballot boxes, electoral material and sanitary kits to guarantee that elections are held in 17,092 establishments throughout the national territory.

Mules, horses and boats will also be used to transport them to reach the most remote places in the country.

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