STEP 2021: Who won in Corrientes?

The ruling party in Corrientes once again celebrated the results of the STEP held yesterday, reaching around 59% of the votes, both for deputies and senators, with more than 99% of the votes counted. The candidates of the Frente de Todos got 34%.

With the support of Governor Gustavo Valdés, Eduardo Vischi’s Green list was imposed by a wide margin in the STEP of Eco + Vamos Corrientes on Libertad + Valores + Nosotros Somos el Cambio, which led to Mario Cerono. During the celebrations, Valdés affirmed: “It is important to ratify the course but fundamentally to send deputies and senators who really respond to the people of Corrientes.” “We are going to do everything possible to win as many municipalities as possible on November 14,” he said and thanked all the lists that participated in the internship.

“We are going to put our souls to defend the people of Corrientes,” he said and asked the people of Corrientes to continue “accompanying them.” “Without the political militancy of each one of the parties of the alliance, the victory is not built. The leadership is not enough, it is necessary to have people of law and they are the ones who are going to represent Corrientes,” he concluded.

For his part, in the Frente de Todos Senator Carlos “Camau” Espínola, who heads the Celeste y Blanca list, will go for re-election, since he won the internal one by a great advantage over Ganemos Corrientes, who led Alejandro Karlen.

As for the deputies, Manuel Aguirre, also from the Green list, won the ruling party, while in the Frente de Todos the list headed by deputy Jorge Antonio Romero won.

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