STEP 2021: Where do I vote in Santa Fe?

New election day in Santa Fe, which means that all those eligible to vote will have to go to the polls again. In this province 9 national deputies and 3 national senators are at stake. In addition, 14 mayors and 210 councilors will be elected. Due to the pandemic, it is possible that some polling places have changed, so it does not hurt to give it a stomp.

In the last week, one of the questions people asked Google the most was: “Where I vote?”. It is not for less since 2.7 million people are enabled to enter the dark room this Sunday in this territory. This makes those whose capital is the city of Rosario in the third district with the largest electoral volume, only behind the Buenos Aires province (12,704,518 voters) and Córdoba (2,984,631). Out of this list appears the Buenos aires city, with its 2,552,058 voters.

The register has a name, surname, sex, place and date of birth, address, profession, type and document number, among other information.

Check the electoral roll

In addition, in Santa Fe the situation is very interesting, since the inmates of the two main parties continue to be unknown. They will participate: Together for Change, the Front of All, Left Front, We can and First Santa Fe, all of them with primaries and another 7 spaces with a unique list.

Who are the candidates?

In the case of the provincial government, we find two very competitive lists. On the one hand, we have the one they lead Agustín Rossi and Alejandra Rodenas, as candidates for national senators, “The Santa Fe We Want”, which also has Eduardo Toniolli and Maria Luz Rioja as the first candidates to enter the lower house. They will compete with the “Celeste y Blanca List ”, that leads as candidates to the Senate Marcelo Lewandowski already María de los Ángeles Sacnum. Remember that the first alternate is nobody but the governor Omar Perotti. At the same time, Roberto Mirabella and Magalí Mastaler they go for national deputies.

Agustín Rossi will look for a place in the Senate.

Across the street, 5 lists will compete to be on the Together for Change ballot in November. In the first place it appears, respecting the same order of appearance of the previous candidates, “Santa Fe our one”, which leads to Federico Angelini and Amalia Granata for the upper house already Luciano Laspina, Gisela Scaglia and former Foreign Minister Jorge Faurie for national deputies. Then we have “Let’s change with desire”, headed by Carolina Losada and Dionisio Scarpin on the one hand y Mario Barletta and Germana Figueroa Houses on the other.

Amalia Granata joined Together for Change for these elections.

To these are added “Let’s go together”, what has to Jorge Corral and Astrid Hummel as candidates to enter the Senate already Roy López Molina and María Lucila Lehmann for deputies. Then we meet “Evolution”, composed of Maximiliano Pullaro y Piedrabuena (senators) and Gabriel Felipe Chumpitaz and María Victoria Tejeda (deputies). Finally, the “Republicans for Freedom”, that only leads to Dieter Von Dannwitz already Lorena Paredes as candidates for the lower house.

What do the polls say?

As for the ruling party, although there is everything, the latter place the former Defense Minister at the top. If we go to Together for Change, the battle is really close. Only in the last week of the campaign, both Losada and Angelini. com. Corral led polls, so we will have the verdict on Sunday. In what almost all agree is that the opposition will take the majority of the votes.

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