STEP 2021: Milei obtained 13.66% of the votes and was ranked as the third force in the City

Javier Milei, the liberal economist who heads the list of La Libertad Avanza in the City of Buenos Aires, obtained 13.66% of the Buenos Aires votes and was ranked as the third force in the Federal Capital, behind Together for Change and the Front of All. He is one of the candidates that generated the most controversy during the PASO 2021 election campaign, for his closing act with stanzas from La Renga to the dollar auction of a video of himself destroying the Central Bank.

Milei’s result surpassed the projection of the polls and the ballot boxes that circulated Sunday afternoon. In this way, with the 1.5% “floor” exceeded, he will officially become a candidate for national deputy for the City of Buenos Aires and will compete in the general legislative elections on November 14.

Minutes after 22 on Sunday, Milei spoke to her followers, who celebrated the results with jumps and chants at the Grand View hotel headquarters in Balvanera.

Shouting “Long live damn freedom!”, The eccentric economist said: “Our group is called La Libertad Avanza, and boy did freedom advance. Back when we were in Holland Square I told them that I did not come here to guide lambs, I came to wake up lions and the lions are waking up. Anyway, despite these results, this is only the first step in search of national reconstruction. The step to return to a power Argentina ”.

“We are truly happy for the support we have had at the polls, for the fact that today liberalism represents 25% of the Buenos Aires vote, and that with that we would say we would be in a position in November to leave Kirchnerism in third place comfortable “Milei said.

The now candidate added: “What is clear is that there is a rebirth of the ideas of freedom, and the idea is that this is the first step to take the country back to the ideas that made it great, and that in 35 years had turned it into the first world power ”.

List 504 A

1° Javier Milei.

2nd Victoria Villaruel.

3 ° Nicolás Emma.

4th María Fernanda Araujo.

5th Gustavo Durini, Alicia Chediack, Guillermo Mac Loughlin.

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